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Lifestyle Lawyer

Lifestyle Lawyer is exactly the book you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.



Because every lawyer deserves a life!

Many female attorneys will have as much (if not more) happiness and success with a less traditional legal job: one that's less stressful, allows for more time to spend with their families, or provides more opportunities to work on meaningful projects. Learn how to think differently about your legal career and explore new opportunities that bring meaning and happiness to your life. Lifestyle Lawyer addresses the special challenges and opportunities female attorneys face in this new legal environment, both at work and in their personal lives.


Lifestyle Lawyer is featured in the Like A Boss Girls 2018 Gift Guide

Lifestyle Lawyer is featured in the Like A Boss Girls 2018 Gift Guide

Podcast #194 with Sam Glover and The Lawyerist

Podcast #194 with Sam Glover and The Lawyerist




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Lifestyle Lawyer

The focus of Lifestyle Lawyer is to encourage lawyers to think about how they can find happiness and success in their careers. What is it that you love and how can you make the things you love a part of your daily life? My hope is my book and on-demand CLE courses will help lawyers find a voice, find a position within the new legal market, and find the courage and knowledge to use their law degree and stay in the practice of law.


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What's Your Technology Wellness Footprint?: Want to learn how you can use a positive mindset to control stress & negative brain chatter?

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with Sam Glover and the Lawyerist