Cybersecurity education can help you grow & revitalize your legal career - part 1

Written by:  Lee Holcomb


Change is one of the most important parts of life. Without change we don’t grow. Recognizing that we all need and can benefit from change, even change in our professional lives can be empowering. Lawyers that are willing to evaluate the changes that are taking place in our profession and are prepared will find new opportunities to revitalize their careers.


As part of my exploration into how I can be ready for the changes that are occurring in our profession, I have recently taken an online cybersecurity course. It should not be surprising to anyone that cybersecurity is opening up the practice of law in exciting and challenging ways. Whether you are an attorney looking to learn new skills that can be incorporated into your current position or leveraged to build a new career, some additional education in cybersecurity maybe just what you need.


If you are thinking about taking a cybersecurity course, deciding which course is the right one for you will depend on a variety of factors. Including your current skill set, the type of position you are aiming for if you want to make a career change, and how much time and money you can dedicate to the training. For me, this decision was difficult. Which course or certification would be most suited for my experience and qualifications? I didn’t want to sink precious time and money into a course that was above my head or, even worse, didn’t deliver what it promised.


After talking to colleagues and researching options, I still felt like I didn’t have the information I needed to make an informed decision, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and sign up for a couple of courses. One was an online course with Cybint titled Cyber Security Certificate (Protection) For Individuals. The following insights may help you decide if this course would be a good fit for you.

What you can expect to learn: The Cybint course in cyber protection consists of 11 online modules that cover various aspects of cyber protection, including how to protect accounts from identity theft, viruses, malwares, and other cyber issues. The course takes a look at how you can use software to analyze whether your data has been compromised and how you can secure your systems with a variety of online tools and services. The Cybint class gives you an introduction on how to protect your IT systems that are at risk in a home and business environment. At the completion of each section, there is a quiz to test your understanding of the materials and assignments reviewed. Note that I have only completed the cyber protection class. There are other Cybint courses, including a cyber discovery class and a boot camp, that I have not taken or reviewed.


How much time you need to commit: This course is self-paced and took approximately ten to twelve hours for me to complete. At the end of the course, you will be given the opportunity to take the cyber protection final exam.


How tech-heavy I found the curriculum: This is an introductory course designed to teach skills and introduce you to tools to increase your ability to understand how to protect yourself and your clients from cyber incidents. At points, the information did require me to go back and review the video or look up information on the internet for extra clarification. The course provided helpful information regarding how the internet works and how data is transferred from one network to another network.


What I would have liked in the course: I expected that this course would be more of a deep dive. I’m ready to sign up for the Cybint cyber security analyst program (boot camp). The information on the Cybint page states that the boot camp course provides education on the following. “This 100-hour accelerated program provides individuals the skills, experience and certification to start working as cybersecurity professionals, even when no technical background exists. The program offers an online preparation course and assessment to predict success in the program.”  I hope to have the opportunity to take this course in the future.


What I was pleasantly surprised by: There is a “tool kit” that gives you access to online services that help you analyze tools and data to gather information that you might need for investigations and litigation. Prevention, detection, recovery, and privacy are all addressed. Including information to help you learn how to set up a secure password, identify blacklisted domains, identify whether your private information has been stolen, or educate you on solutions to make your cyber experience safer. The tool kit provides reliable sources and solutions. I have already used a number of these resources in my personal and professional life.


Was it worth it: Yes, at the discounted rate the course was worth the time and money. It gave me access to new information and resources to use in my career as an attorney. Upon successful completion of the course, you can take an exam to earn a certificate that you have completed the course and the exam. At the full price, I think that there would be other courses that I would take before the Cybint Security Certificate for Individuals.


You may have the perfect job and career plan, but nothing is guaranteed, things change. Look at your life as one that is full of possibilities, some that you may not expect, and educate yourself with new skills so that you will ultimately be ready when that unexpected opportunity presents itself.  Be prepared to let life lead you to new places that you never even imagined.  You can revitalize your life and your legal career with a little work and dedication.


You can access the course here:

Lee Holcomb