Work like no one is watching

By Lee Holcomb

Do you remember when you first started practicing law? When I started, I was hyperaware of everything I was doing. What I was writing, what I was saying in court, who was watching, and who was listening. Most days this stifled my job and my productivity.

And then one day I stopped looking around for help and stopped looking around to see who was watching. I went inside my own skin, I started to breathe, and I started to make my own choices about what I needed to do to really be a lawyer. I started to trust myself. And with this trust came the creativity and originality that had been missing in my first years of practice.

Here's the deal: the farther you go down the road to mastering your skills in your law practice, the more you must rely on your own creativity, ingenuity, perceptions, strategies, problem-solving capabilities, intellect, and heart. 

Every job, every brief, every lawsuit, every trial gives you an opportunity to advance along your solitary path as a lawyer and a person. Learning how to make even seemingly tiny personal decisions each day in your legal practice, helps you realize your ultimate goal. The best part of being an attorney - and the best part of life - are the many indescribable events and discoveries that await you and only you. 

So try to remember three things: First, consult yourself. Second, use joy to refine and recalibrate what you think your career is supposed to be and what it is supposed to be for you. Third, the answers you seek lie within you even when you are scared, confused, or frustrated. Turn to yourself for guidance and knowledge as you go through difficult times and even times of growth. You may need to engage others for assistance, but ultimately you'll need to rely on yourself to make the final decision. And when you do this, your decisions will come from a place of power. They will resonate with others!

"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be." - Albert Einstein

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Lee Holcomb