Helping lawyers understand and control stress with yoga

By Lee Holcomb

There are no easy or fast solutions in the legal profession.  As attorneys, there is often great complexity in even the most basic matters we are handling.  Trying to be perfect and looking out for all the potential pitfalls on the horizon can lead to stress and unhappiness.


So is there anything you can do about it?  I see two distinct roads-each promising a very different future.  One road leads to more stress, division, bitterness, ill-feeling, health problems, and animosity.  The other path is better! Moreover, we can all move down that road if we are willing to look at things a little differently and take better care of ourselves.


How to start down that road? The first step is to learn how to read and respond to the signs that your body is sending. Learning when your under stress and that stress isn't always the bad guy can be life changing. In fact, stress is there for us when we need it. Stress is useful when we need to do that big presentation or get ready for that multi-day trial.


However, we also need to be aware when stress has started to take control of our lives. If you're having problems reaching goals, find yourself reacting with anger or negativity, or you're starting to have physical symptoms (such as depression and IBS) it might be a sign that you need to take some steps to control your stress level.


Practicing yoga can be a tool to help you stay in touch with your stress level and calm you down when you need to take a break.

  • Yoga combines the benefits of physical activity and meditation into one daily activity.

  • Yoga helps to strengthen your mind by focusing on the brain's ability to regulate emotion, attention, thoughts, and behavior. It gives you the ability to put on a positive mindset.

  • It also gives you the physical movement that releases hormones that improve our happiness level.

  • And it makes your body healthier and stronger.

Lee Holcomb